Designs & Events Land (DEL) is a company, having more than one decade plus experience across the corporate sector engaged in the fields of conducting large scale events, B2B Conferences, Seminars and Exhibition Projects in various industries like real estate and building material, engineering and machine tools, international trade fairs, electric, education, healthcare industry, etc. Our main objective is to interact globally with the corporate sectors of export, import and logistics for our upcoming projects viz., Multi-Trade Exports & Logistics (MTEL) Show 2015.

At DEL, we provide them our expert domain knowledge of international market strategies, investment avenues, managing events, conferences, exhibitions etc. keeping in view the strategy.  As their chief decision makers, for foreign investment strategy, we also need to take care of their Marketing, Branding, and Advertisement to promote them on the Domestic as well as International platforms

DEL has clients on board, who are export, import and logistic industry, interested in venturing out the international market for sourcing new technologies, demand and supply in their domain sectors, etc. Our efforts are to help them to optimize their logistic and trade abilities in terms of efficiency as well as cost benefit analysis. With this service, we are sure of building up mutually beneficial relationship with the US corporate, looking at the investment at their doorstep.